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letter of commitment of top management
date of publication:2021-6-29 16:08:36      publisher:anshan libang compressor co., ltd.

letter of commitment for green factory establishment

it is an inevitable way to establish green factory for enterprise structure optimization, quality improvement and efficiency improvement and sustainable development, and is an inevitable choice for  development of enterprises. anshan libang compressor co., ltd. will actively play its main responsibilities and strive to create green plants with intensive land, clean production, waste resource and low-carbon energy. according to the general principles of gb / t 36132-2018 green evaluation, as the top manager of the company, it provides sufficient resources for the establishment of green plants and conducts regular evaluation. through continuous improvement of the construction of green plants, the effectiveness of green plants is continuously improved, and the following commitments are made:

1. be responsible for the effectiveness of green plant;

2. ensure the policies and objectives of establishing green plant construction and operation and maintenance, and ensure that they are consistent with the strategic direction and environment of the company;

3. ensure that the green plant requirements are integrated into the company's business process;

4. ensure that the resources required for the construction and operation and maintenance of green plants can be obtained;

5. communicate the importance of effective green manufacturing and meeting the requirements of green factory;

6. ensure the company achieves the expected results of green manufacturing;

7. guide and support the employees of the company to contribute to the effectiveness of green plant;

8. promote continuous improvement;

9. support other relevant management personnel to confirm their leadership role within their responsibilities.

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may 18, 2020