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"anshan made" air compressor directly supplied to wuhan medical forefront
date of publication:2020-3-3 10:44:51      publisher:anshan libang compressor co., ltd.

qianshan evening news: 17:11:30, february 24, 2020#


workers were busy at the lipang group factory in the high tech zone monday. it was the 11th day after the spring festival. on february 10, libon group officially resumed work. there is no uncertainty about the future. orders are pouring in. a listed medical company ordered 15 sets of compressor equipment for the first time. this medical company is responsible for the supply of oxygen production equipment for wuhan medical system. in other words, the air compressor produced by libang was sent to the hospital in wuhan as the supporting equipment of the oxygen generator, standing at the forefront of the war epidemic.

on the same day, a group of personnel from the market supervision and administration bureau of the high tech zone came to libang group to understand the resumption of work of the enterprise, explain the assistance policies to the enterprise, and supervise the epidemic prevention measures. libang group has done a lot in all aspects. founded in 2002, libon group mainly produces various oil-free compressors. in the past 20 years, our customers are not only all over the country, but also our products have been exported to russia and other places. when the outbreak comes and many people are worried about the development, libang group is not panic because of its previous accumulation and reserve. shi jihong, chairman of the board of directors, told reporters that before the spring festival, sufficient reserves had been prepared, and some popular equipment had been stored for overtime production. when the epidemic came, the whole factory stopped working. at the first time, he sent special personnel to south korea to purchase masks and other anti epidemic items, and made all preparations. on february 10, the company returned to work as soon as possible. not only distribute masks and lunch boxes to all employees, but also assign an office to each technician. the whole plant has done a good job in epidemic prevention.

the next day, an oxygen plant in shandong province ordered three sets of compressor equipment. then, yuyue medical ordered 15 sets of equipment and sent them to wuhan. in order to save time, shi jihong immediately decided to use shunfeng land transportation to deliver to wuhan as soon as possible. a few days later, yuyue medical, who was very satisfied with the equipment, ordered 30 sets of equipment from libang group again. as of the 21st, the company has received orders for 48 sets of equipment. now the workers are in a stable mood and full of energy every day.

confidence is more important than gold. shi jihong said he is confident that the company will have more orders in the future. in addition to insisting on "both hands should be hard" for resumption of work and epidemic prevention, next year he will lay out a major project, which is to connect libon's products to the internet of things, so that the products can be plugged into the intelligent wings and realize a greater technological leap. yang feng, chief reporter of all media