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quality credit report of anshan libang compressor co., ltd.
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enterprise quality credit reporting


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november 2017














enterprise quality credit reporting

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anshan libang compressor co., ltd. reviewed the concept, system, measures and achievements of quality management, product quality responsibility, quality integrity management in 2017. the details of this report are described below.

1.1 compilation notes

this report is the "enterprise quality credit report" published by anshan libang compressor co., ltd. in 2017. it is based on the notification of the office of liaoning quality supervision bureau to the general office of the general administration of quality supervision and inspection on how to do a good job in enterprise quality credit report, and combined with the construction of the company's quality credit system in 2017. 。 the company guarantees that the information contained in this report does not contain any false records or misleading statements, and is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of its contents.
report scope: anshan libang compressor co., ltd.
time frame of report: january 2017 - november 2017
reporting cycle: 1/year
the report data shows that the data involved in the report are from the company and the data are true and effective.

1.2 general manager speech

anshan libang compressor co., ltd. has always shouldered the mission of regional economic and national prosperity. with the quality policy of creating first-class brands and meeting customer needs, we firmly implement the idea of putting quality first. since its establishment, it has attracted professionals in production, sales and management.
in accordance with the requirements of quality management system standards, the company's quality management system and its core value system should be established to guide the value orientation of employees, and to guide employees to consciously abide by the national and enterprise codes of conduct. through the direct exemplary role of organizational propaganda and leaders, it has a subtle impact on the employees of the company. the company **** managers and management provide evidence of their commitment to establish, implement and continuously improve the effectiveness of the company's quality management system through the following activities.
in the future, we will continue to carry out the product quality commitment with the utmost sincerity, to ensure that enterprises always fulfill their social responsibilities while maintaining sustainable development. in order to improve the quality and credit level of the compressor industry, make new and greater contributions.

1.3 brief introduction to enterprises

anshan libang compressor co., ltd. is located at no. 46 grating road, anshan national high-tech industrial development zone, which is the capital of the motherland steel. it is a professional manufacturer of compressors. the company has gathered a group of professional and technical personnel who have been engaged in compressor development, design, manufacture, assembly and sales service for many years. relying on advanced compressor technology in germany and japan, the company adopts computer aided design and computer information management system to ensure product quality excellence. it has passed the iso 9001 international certification and is widely used in china. machinery product certification, with a national industrial product production license, by the china association for product quality inspection as "china's top ten brands of well-known compressors". products include all-oil-free air compressors, oil-free air compressors, screw air compressors, medical oxygen-making devices, freeze dryers, adsorption dryers, high-efficiency filters, pressure vessels and so on. in particular, the silent oil-free air compressors developed in response to the market demand are highly favored by the market.
according to the different requirements for compressor gas quality, libang company provides the most economical and reasonable configuration, undertakes the matching modification design of compressors for various purposes, and takes the lead in strong technical force, advanced management concept, modern management mechanism and high-quality staff, and wholeheartedly provides the first-class production for the vast number of users. goods and **** services.



all along, anshan libang compressor co., ltd. adheres to the marketing concept of honesty, friendship, cooperation and win-win, adheres to the business purpose of "quality first, reputation first", is committed to providing first-class products and services to customers, and has long-term good cooperative relations with many customers.
in the process of quality management system construction, the company starts from the source of purchasing, strengthens the control of raw materials, improves the quality of products by means of strengthening process control, process improvement, equipment renovation and so on, and produces high-quality products to meet the needs of customers, which is the consistent pursuit of the enterprise and never gives up its commitment to social responsibility. keep and pursue, so that the reputation of enterprises and brand reputation has been constantly improved.



3 enterprise quality management

3.1 quality management institutions

the company is responsible for the quality management organization by the deputy general manager, which consists of comprehensive department, sales department, technical quality department and production department. the technical quality department and the production department are fully responsible for the company's product quality.


figure 3-1-1 quality assurance mechanism diagram

3.2 quality management system

the quality management manual of anshan libang compressor co., ltd. is based on gb/t19001-2016 "quality management system-requirements", which establishes the company's quality management system and standardizes the role of each process of the quality management system, in order to prove that the company has a stable supply to meet the requirements of customers, society, relevant parties and employees. applicable laws, regulations and other requirements; product and service requirements. through the effective application of quality management system, including the process of continuous improvement, the aim is to enhance the satisfaction of customers, society, relevant parties and employees.
quality management system scope: "micro reciprocating piston air compressor (power 2.2-7.5kw, exhaust pressure < 1.4mpa; power 15kw, exhaust pressure < 1.0mpa), all oil-free air compressor (power 0.55-11kw, exhaust pressure < 1.4mpa; power 15-18.5kw, exhaust pressure < 1.0mpa), general fuel injection screw air compressor (power 7.5-132 kw, exhaust pressure less than 1.25 mpa) production.
0.1 quality policy: create first-class products to meet customer needs
0.2 quality target: 100% qualified rate of products;
the pass rate of one-time delivery of products is over 92%, increasing by 1% annually.
the main customer satisfaction rate is over 97%.
0.3 implementing principles: 1) focus on customers;
2) to play a leading role;
3) full participation;
4) process method;
5) continuous improvement;
6) evidence-based decision-making;
7) relation management.

3.3 quality and safety risk management

in order to fully identify and respond to the risks and opportunities existing in the production and management activities of each department, each department should establish a method of identifying and responding to them, confirm the risks existing in the department, and form a risk and opportunity assessment and analysis control table based on the results of the assessment. in the process of identifying and responding to risks and opportunities, responsible departments should screen and identify risks of departments, production processes and personnel that may have risks one by one.
to the quality accidents that have happened, summarize the lessons of quality accidents, and formulate effective corrective measures to prevent the recurrence of similar accidents in view of the causes of accidents. form accident investigation report, analyze the underlying causes of accidents, and organize and implement corrective and preventive quality improvement activities.




the company puts the construction of quality and honesty in a prominent position, promotes the construction of quality and honesty system, and strengthens the construction of quality and honesty culture.

4.1 quality commitment

the company's quality commitment is to strictly implement the quality policy and achieve quality objectives, promote the continuous improvement of quality management system and product quality, and achieve customer satisfaction.the company strictly abides by laws and regulations such as the product quality law, strictly enforces product standards, meets customer requirements, stops false propaganda, resolutely resists breaches of trust, does not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of other enterprises, follows the principles of fair, open and fair competition, abides by market rules, carries out orderly competition and builds sincerity. the market environment of credit management and fair competition.

4.2 operational management

the technical quality department is responsible for the planning and design process control of the company's new product projects, and the general manager is responsible for the approval of product design output documents. the key requirements of product projects mainly come from market analysis, including customer needs and expectations. applicable relevant standards, norms and legal norms to meet customer requirements. the ministry of technology and quality organizes relevant departments and personnel to evaluate the suitability, adequacy and feasibility of the designed products, clarify and resolve the imperfect, ambiguous or contradictory requirements, and ensure the smooth completion of the design and development.

the purchasing department is responsible for evaluating, selecting and controlling the suppliers of major materials; the management representative is responsible for examining and approving the list of qualified suppliers; and the general manager is responsible for approving the purchasing plan. the procurement documents shall include the following information about the materials to be purchased; the quality requirements of the products; the name, quantity and due date requirements of the products; and other requirements, such as certification requirements for suppliers or other requirements. departments and production units shall fill in the "monthly-purchasing plan" according to actual work needs and submit it it to the purchasing department for approval by the general manager for implementation. the procurement plan can be adjusted and supplemented according to the actual situation, and re-examined and approved. major materials must be purchased from qualified suppliers.

according to the "sales plan" of the sales department, the production department designates the "production plan" and notifies the production workshop to ensure that the production process is under control.


figure 4-2-1 process flow chart

libang group has always regarded product quality as the life of the enterprise. the company has established a comprehensive production process monitoring, outsourced raw materials testing, product factory inspection, after-sales service mechanism, and passed the iso 9001 quality management system certification, health, safety and environmental management system certification. the company manages and controls the quality work from the aspects of enterprise standard management, certification management, inspection and inspection management.

5.1 standard management

according to gb/t19001-2016 "quality management system-requirements" standard, enterprises continue to strengthen the implementation of standards, and continue to promote production technology. the qualified rate of products manufactured is 100%, and the qualified rate of sample inspection is 100%.

5.2 certification management

in 1999, the company passed iso 9001 quality management system certification, carried out the implementation of certification work, carried out annual supervision and review, continued improvement and perfection, constantly optimize technological transformation, upgrade core technology, promote technological reform and innovation to lead industry progress.


quality management system certification


safety production standardization certificate

5.3 inspection and inspection management

quality control is the most important and basic management of quality inspection. libang group always adheres to the principle of quality first, strictly carries out the management of inspection and testing, eliminates unqualified products, and improves product quality.

inspection is classified according to production process, including incoming inspection, process inspection and final inspection; centralized inspection, on-site inspection and itinerant inspection are classified according to inspection location; physical and chemical inspection, sensory inspection and experiment are classified according to inspection method. among them, the quality inspectors mainly supervise the factors that affect the quality of products, such as inspection tour, warehouse, assembly area, test area and welding area, and make detailed records and submit them to the supervisor. in a word, inspectors should follow the law, enforce the law strictly and record well. when there are contradictions between quality inspectors and production progress, we should establish the concept of quality first and quality first, do a good job in quality inspection, and deal with the relationship between them.

the company adheres to the quality policy of "creating first-class brands to meet customer needs", and takes the quality policy of "strictly implementing quality policy and achieving quality objectives, promoting the continuous improvement of quality management system and product quality, and achieving customer satisfaction" as its quality commitment. the company has consistently pursued to win by quality, always regards product quality as the life of the enterprise, comprehensively improves the stability, reliability and quality of the company's products, continuously improves the company's brand value, strives to produce the best compressor in china, and provides first-class products and services for the global users, so as to better realize for the enterprise. create benefits and enhance the core competitiveness of the company, which provides a good support for the company's sustained and steady development.

6.1 product quality level

through qhse system construction and continuous improvement, the company comprehensively utilizes qc tools and quality improvement activities to improve the quality management level. in recent years, we have achieved the quality target of "100% qualified products, 92% qualified products for one-time inspection and 95% customer satisfaction". the product implementation process is controlled and the quality is stable. it meets the requirements of applicable laws and regulations and product standards. customers are satisfied with the product quality and service.

statistical analysis of customer satisfaction through questionnaire survey, daily return report, regular survey and special survey of salesmen shows that the level of customer satisfaction has remained above 98% in the past three years, which indicates that the company's comprehensive service level to customers is mature and steady. the company has always attached importance to and committed to the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.

6.2 product after-sale liability

after-sales service is the extension of product sales. user satisfaction is the driving force for us to move forward and actively provide users with various communication channels. the company organizes relevant departments to visit customers regularly, and obtains customers'information on product quality and service quality through telephone communication, customer questionnaires, visits, etc. after summarizing and sorting out, it forms the customer opinion investigation report, which serves as the basis for the company's continuous improvement and enables customers to obtain *** * satisfaction. perfect sales system, good after-sales service, to achieve customer complaint handling rate of 100%, customer satisfaction of more than 95% of the quality objectives.

6.3 corporate social responsibility

the company faithfully fulfills the three major responsibilities of state-owned enterprises: politics, economy and society, actively participates in social public welfare undertakings, and actively explores the sustainable, effective and rapid development of enterprises with value growth as the core. while providing excellent asphalt for customers and creating material wealth for society, we pursue the growth of economic value, political value and social value of enterprises, sincerely and trustfully repay the society, and ensure the everlasting development of enterprises.

chairman shi jihong has always been committed to caring for society and building a harmonious and long-term public interest. every year, funds are put into public welfare undertakings and social donations.

in 2012, 5,000 yuan was donated to tai'an county.

in 2013, tiexi district donated 3000 yuan to help the poor.

in 2013, wang linlin donated 1000 yuan to poor children in xiuyan county.

in 2014, 2,000 yuan was provided to poor families in chaoyang.

in 2015 and 2016, he served as the head of precise poverty alleviation in shifo village, shimiaozi town, xiuyan county. he assisted 20 poor students and donated 10,000 yuan.

with practical actions, employees can use a loving heart to give back to society, and spread the concept of civilization, love and health to every corner as far as they can.

6.4 quality credit record

acquired the national industrial product production license in 2015
in 2016, anshan libang compressor co., ltd. won the "quality management system certificate"
twelve computer software 天生赢家 一触即发 copyright registration certificates were awarded in 2017
winning certificate of "high-tech enterprise" in 2017
in 2017, anshan libang compressor co., ltd. won the "safety production standardization certificate"
in 2017, he was awarded the municipal enterprise of "keeping contract and respecting credit"
these honors increase the reputation and popularity of the company and establish a good corporate image.

quality management is the life of an enterprise. credit is the foundation of an enterprise and also one of the fundamental factors restricting its development. there is no once-and-for-all quality. only the quality management system can be improved continuously. good credit needs excellent quality support and service maintenance. in the future, the company will have a strong sense of responsibility and high level of service. degree of mission to firmly promote quality management and maintain corporate credit.

in the fierce competition of compressor market at home and abroad, to be invincible depends to a large extent on the product quality of enterprises, on the core technology and independent innovation ability of enterprises, and on the cultivation and development of brands. further development of quality revitalization is of great significance for us to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure and economic growth.