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li bang group wishes the 19th china international exhibition on gas technology, equipment and applications --- world exhibition on gas industry a complete success.
date of publication:2019-8-20 17:02:19      publisher:anshan libang compressor co., ltd.

        china international gas technology, equipment and applications exhibition is an international gas industry event. in recent years, it has developed into a large-scale and authoritative exhibition in china and even in the world. ig, china has been held since 1999. according to the principle of holding one year in beijing and one year in other provinces, it has lasted for 18 years, and gradually formed the following major highlights of the exhibition:
         organization, co-sponsored by china gas industry association and beijing yaite exhibition co., ltd., has strong support from all provinces and municipal gas industry associations throughout the country. ig, china is the  famous gas exhibition in china.
        at that time, libang group was also invited to attend the exhibition. since its establishment in 2002, libang group has made efforts for more than ten years. its products have many national patents and won the gold prize of the international patent product exchange conference. relying on the international advanced technology, libang group gathers a group of professionals with abundant experience in product application and manufacturing. to improve the quality of sales service system and honest and pragmatic attitude, we have always been committed to the development of low-carbon, energy-saving, environmentally friendly oil-free compressor field, which is highly favored by users and recognized by society, and become the industry leader.

libang group's exhibits:
· fully oil-free oxygen bottle-filling compressor

·fully oil-free sulfur hexafluoride compressor

·oil-free water-cooled nitrogen gas compressor

·explosion-proof all-oil-free nitrogen compressor

·oil-free medical oxygen compressor

·special silent oxygen compressor

·silent oil-free air compressor

·fully oil-free air compressor

·fully oil-free air compressor

booth number:b29

exhibition time: 24-26 may 2017
exhibition venue: shanghai world expo exhibition hall