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brief introduction of anshan oil-free compressor engineering research center

     anshan oil-free compressor engineering technology research center is a municipal enterprise center approved by anshan science and technology commission (document no. 40 of ankefa [2011] and confirmed by anshan economic and credit commission (document no. 133 of anjingxinfa [2011]). the center relies on anshan high-tech enterprise (document no. 38 of ankefa [2011] and anshan libang compression. machinery co., ltd. and with a number of domestic universities and research institutes all production, teaching and research cooperation.

      the center has gathered a number of professional and technical personnel engaged in compressor design and development for many years, and has a number of national patents and technological achievements, a number of domestic first technologies, a number of products to replace imports.

      the center consists of a design center, an experimental center and a business center. the design center has compressor thermodynamic calculation software and power calculation software. the experimental center can conduct full performance experiments on compressors. the business center is responsible for the business affairs of the center.

      research and development direction of the center:the application of oil-free compressor in the fields of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen production; the application of oil-free compressor in the fields of oil and gas recovery, helium, argon, sulfur hexafluoride and other precious gas recovery; the application of oil-free compressor in series connection with screw piston machine in medium and high pressure;

      central service projects:product development, technical services, gas equipment engineering design and installation, third-party joint development.

      central long-term objectives: northeast gas equipment research and development center; gas equipment engineering design and installation center.