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anshan libang compressor co., ltd.
        established in 2002, libang is located in the laser industrial park of anshan high-tech industrial development zone, covering an area of 15593 square meters and a building area of 12600 square meters. it is the world's leading manufacturer of aerodynamic equipment and has been committed to providing sustainable production solutions for various industries. the company has the city-level enterprise technology center - anshan oil-free compressor engineering technology research center. there is no marketing center, service department, production department, quality department, production workshop, management department. in order to enhance the brand influence and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the company subdivides the market and optimizes the industrial chain in 2012, and successively establishes anshan libang technology co., ltd., liaoning libang gas equipment co., ltd., anshan libang energy conservation and environmental protection equipment co., ltd., and anshan liduobang mechanical and electrical equipment sales co., ltd. to realize the group. management by chemical means.

        after more than ten years of efforts, the company has possessed the national industrial product production license, is9001 international quality system certification, iso14001 international environmental management system certification, and national production safety standards. in 2004, it was awarded "anshan best honest enterprise" by the bureau of small and medium-sized enterprises, and in 2005, it was awarded "anshan best honest enterprise" by the china quality inspection association.“ china's top ten brands of compressors, from 2010 to 2015 by the anshan industrial and commercial bureau as a "contract-abiding and credit-abiding enterprise", in 2011 as a high-tech enterprise in anshan. from 2011 to 2015, anshan was rated 3.15 integrity brand by consumer association for five consecutive years.  the company's products have many national patents and won the prize of the international patent products exchange conference.

        the flow rate of water-lubricated oil-free air compressor is from 1.3 m/min to 30 m/min, the pressure is from 0.4 mpa to 4.0 mpa, and the motor power is from 7.5 kw to 470 kw.

        post-treatment equipment includes cooler, high efficiency degreaser, freeze dryer, adsorption dryer, filter, etc. according to your different quality requirements for compressed gas, provide the most economical and reasonable configuration. oil < 0.01 ppm, dust < 0.01 hm, minimum pressure dew point - 40 c. the gas storage tank series includes air storage tank, oxygen storage tank, steam storage tank, chemical storage tank, sand blasting tank, sub-cylinder, etc. its volume ranges from 0.05 m_to 1000 m_and its pressure ranges from 0.1 mpa to 10.0 mpa. the above products are widely used in food, beverage, grain machine, water treatment, medical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, laser, communications, national defense, scientific research, metallurgy, mining, electronics, power, instrumentation, automobile protection, advanced spraying and other industries.

        over the years, libang has built a team with the spirit of achieving people, developed products with the thought of improving the living environment of human beings, and returned the society with gratitude and reflected the value.